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Why invest in Detroit

Posted by investmotorcity_tffv0q on March 4, 2016
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You may be asking, why should I invest in the MotorCity? There are TOO many reasons to list but we’ll try our best!

Detroit is an evolving and dynamic city of 139 square miles and more than 672,000 residents. The MotorCity checks all the boxes of a metropolis on the verge:

  • A great city for a new business
    • With the highest density of engineers in the country, Detroit is reinventing itself by leading the next mobility boom!
  • Amazing Universities
    • With Universities like Wayne State, a premier research university serving a diverse body of motivated students in vibrant Midtown, the cultural center of Detroit, and nationally renown schools like University of Michigan and Michigan State, there is a strong pool of talent within the city.
  • THRIVING entertainment sector!
    • All major national sports teams are all located in downtown(Go Pistons and Tigers!!)
    • World renown Fox Theater bringing talent from across the planet
  • Money follows money!
    • Ford to invest $740 million in Detroit train station bringing new life to the city.
    • Google investing $17 million to expand Detroit and Ann Arbor offices.
    • Amazon will lead a $700 million investment in metro Detroit electric vehicle startup Rivian.
  • A powerful History
    • The automobile and associated manufacturing are built in to the core of what Detroit is. Almost every American Auto-empire have their roots here! (we’re not called the MotorCity for nothing!)

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